The warmhearted weekly magazine for busy women. Includes recipes, tips for organizing the home and much more.Woman’s World magazine is one of the top lifestyle magazines in the world. With an emphasis on women’s needs, each issue covers health, fitness, fashion, cooking, and decorating. The glossy pages of this magazine provides readers with decorating tips for the home, tips on which fashions flatter different body types, and recipes for home-cooked dinners.

Health and fitness are important topics for women, and Woman’s World magazine covers those issues in a friendly way. From leading experts who discuss the importance of healthy eating to stories from readers who have lost dozens of pounds, each issue provides inspiration to help you lose weight and facts that will help you get in shape. The issues also include swaps that you can make in your meal plan to cut back on calories and fat.

Every issue of Woman’s World magazine includes a variety of recipes and meal plans you can use for weekly family dinners, mid-week meals, and special occasion dinners. You can use the meals as-is or mix and match those recipes with your favorite dishes for greater variety. Prior to major holidays, the issues include ideas for decorating your home for the holidays and creating special dishes to share with loved ones, such as a cake shaped like a bunny for Easter or cookie recipes to make and share during the Christmas season.

A subscription to Woman’s World magazine provides you with hundreds of recipes for holidays and family dinners, decorating ideas, and fashion tips for home and the office.