The Scientist, the magazine of the life sciences, has informed and entertained life science professionals since 1986. It occupies a unique niche in the world of life science publications, providing readers with “serious entertainment”. The Scientist keeps subscribers up-to-date with the latest developments, research trends, the business of science, technology advances, scientists-to-watch and useful career advice.

Scientists look forward to reading The Scientist. In fact, anyone interested in the relevance and impact of science values our unique voice. Professionals in academia and industry read us to maintain a broad view of the life sciences and keep up with issues and trends in other fields. Science enthusiasts read the insightful articles because they are current, concise and entertaining but also provide a technical, yet approachable overview of the life sciences.

With one of the largest readerships of any life science publication and the winner of several editorial and design awards, The Scientist’s broad appeal is due to its fresh and unique style which emphasizes readability, topicality and reliability.

“…an excellent source of stimulating reading about most every current aspect of science.”

Lab Manager

The Jackson Laboratory

“… just the right mix of intelligent reporting on science and the business of science.”

Professor, USA

“…The Scientist has a combination of interesting, new discoveries and also these provocative stories that people sort of discuss but never seem to get investigated. It has a biting edge to it. I like that.”

Vice President, Leading Scientific Imaging Manufacturer

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