The Fountain encourages critical thought and scientific inquiry on a wide range of topics: physical science, social science, ethics, education, literature, religion, and comparative studies. All topics are to be dealt with fairly and substantively, and articles are to be balanced and judicious.

The Fountain believes that scientific thinking and religious-spiritual life are two aspects of reality and the ideal person and society exist within the union of both. In due appreciation of this conviction, The Fountain avoids extremism of any kind and does not focus on solely religious teachings nor solely materialist science, the first of which may lead to bigotry and the latter to unbelief.

The Fountain is committed to illuminating both the minds and the hearts of readers by covering scientific as well as spiritual topics, addressing both components of human existence. The Fountain adheres to the belief that the entire universe and whatever exists beyond our senses are manifestations of the Divine Names of God Almighty, and that scientific discoveries open up new gates and reveal broader dimensions leading to the Truth, making us realize the essence and meaning of creation.

The Fountain is concerned with the global problems of the modern world and highlights social topics; for example, maintaining peace in the world, cultural diversity, enhancing the overall welfare of society, education, health-care, preserving the ecological and environmental balance, divorce, juvenile problems, alcohol and all kinds of addiction, and keeping the young away from crime. Universal ethical values, such as respect and care for parents, honoring the elderly, safeguarding the family as the kernel of a sound society, love and compassion for all, neighborliness, hospitality, charity, and the like.

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