Whether you are an artist by passion or by trade, The Artist’s Magazine is your guide to the technical, creative, and business aspects of the art world. Inside each issue are detailed, step-by-step guides through the creative process. Painting and drawing are the main focus of the instruction by the artists who contribute to this publication.

The first issue of The Artist’s magazine was published in in 1983 and circulation has since grown to 60,000 issues printed monthly. Contests for budding and established artists are available for readers, along with detailed instruction on how to create magnificent works of art through painting or drawing. Different media techniques, such as oil sketch, watercolor, charcoal, and oil painting, are provided to readers in an effort to improve the skills of artists at all levels.

Specific articles on technical aspects of design, such as the importance of a solid foundation in tone, are featured each month to give readers education in important techniques to make their artwork more appealing and profitable. Each issue features an Artist of the Month, allowing the art community to celebrate its members who are reaching new levels of personal success. Contemporary artists can celebrate each other’s work and improve their own skills all in one convenient magazine.

Art is a passion for those who create it. The business side of the art world is therefore sometimes difficult to navigate. With a subscription to The Artist’s Magazine, you will be adding not only to your creative arsenal but to your ability to engage in successful business transactions at the same time.