If you’re Texan, you’re bound to find useful information in Texas Monthly magazine. True lovers of the state want to learn more about its colorful history, fabulous present, and inspiring future. It showcases every aspect of living in the Lone Star state, from covering events to researching the deep cultural roots of the area. A gift subscription makes a great present for those having to leave their home state, such as college students or military personal.

Texas Monthly magazine discusses current events that impact residents. You’ll find features on politics and the economy, as well as regional sports teams and environmental issues. The publication showcases editorials on what is happening in Texas life today, as well as knowledge on what could be next for your home state. Whether you are a business owner or a farmer, this periodical gives you the news you need to know to make important financial decisions.

Texas Monthly magazine also offers newly transplanted residents a guidebook for the vast state. It features gorgeous photography of the landscape, as well as articles on where you can go for the best vacations and sightseeing trips. The writers and editors review local hotspots, such as restaurants and lodges, so you’ll never have to leave the state to find the perfect getaway.

Whether you were born in the state or not, a subscription to Texas Monthly magazine in your periodical collection will reflect your passion for the area and continue to inspire your growing admiration for its residents.