ShopSmart is the lively new guide from the experts at Consumer Reports. Quick, easy-to-use, unbiased shopping advice to help readers find the best products and services for home, yard, health, fitness, food, electronics, family, autos and more. Like Consumer Reports, it is independent and carries no outside advertising.ShopSmart Magazine is dedicated to providing readers with the knowledge they need for smart shopping. Designed with Consumer Reports Magazine in mind, each issue focuses more on items that women need than men. From tips on saving money when clothes shopping to guides that offer the best products, ShopSmart Magazine offers readers the chance to get the best deals.

Every volume of ShopSmart Magazine comes loaded with money-saving tips for everything under the sun. The tips might include cheap gifts that you can make at home, ways to reuse old clothing, or the items you can use around the house for cleaning. Each issue features a top-ten list that examines the best products in a category, such as the best dresses under $50, the best cleaning products under $5, or the best websites to save money.

ShopSmart Magazine provides you with straightforward articles that are short and get right to the point, which cuts down the amount of time you spend reading each piece. Many of the articles focus on issues from a woman’s perspective. For example, the magazine might discuss the power tools that you need around the house instead of an article on the best tools in general. The issues also come loaded with a variety of coupons that you can use to save even more money when combined with the tips available inside each volume.

A subscription to ShopSmart Magazine gives you all the tools that you need for saving money on health and beauty products, electronics, cleaning products, and anything else you might need.