Your all-in-one guide to the successful care and keeping of reptiles and amphibians. It appeals to both professional and hobbyist with expert articles about keeping and breeding reptiles and amphibians, veterinary issues, the latest news in the herpetological world and stories from the field.For all things reptilian and amphibious, Reptiles magazine is the subscription for you. Focused on keeping and breeding these animals as pets, this magazine has been in publication since 1993 and is now issued monthly. Reptiles magazine is part of a family of pet-focused publications from Bowtie Inc.

Reptiles magazine frequently focuses its articles on common reptile and amphibian pets such as red-eared sliders, bearded dragons, and leopard geckos. Tips for keeping and breeding these animals make up the majority of featured articles in each issue. Current trends and pet health are also regular columns. Occasionally, rare pets such as mountain horned chameleons, Asian box turtles, and venomous snakes are also featured.

Many well-known reptile authorities have contributed to the magazine over the years, providing access to experts in the field of breeding, caring for, and keeping reptile and amphibian pets. Additionally, the magazine regularly features reviews of different products designed specifically for the maintenance, care, and containment of your reptilian or amphibious pet.

Regular columns such as Herpetological Queries and Veterinarian Q&A have appeared in Reptiles magazine since its inception. The magazine regularly features a reptile or amphibian species on its cover. Herpers-individuals who have an avid interest in reptiles and amphibians-are sure to enjoy this publication.

A subscription to Reptiles magazine can open a new world to you. Whether your interest is purely educational or you want to keep and breed these animals, having this magazine arrive at your door every month is a great starting point.