Contains digest and original articles on a wide variety of health-related topics. Also contains short abstracts of current medical progress in section entitled “News from the World of Medicine.”Reader’s Digest Large Print magazine is made with your eyes in mind. The larger print makes the magazine easier to read, so you can enjoy the same articles and images you would find in the regular Reader’s Digest without the hassle of searching for your glasses or struggling to see.

Reader’s Digest Large Print magazine has regular sections that focus on food, family, home, books, heroes, jokes, and more, so you can read about a variety of topics in every issue. From helpful hints on how to drop weight before the next holiday to informative articles about past events such as the sinking of the Titanic, Reader’s Digest Large Print magazine has something that everyone can enjoy.

The “News from the World of Medicine” section has short abstracts about medical progress in the community that can help you stay current with all the latest technology in hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices. Articles about healthy foods and drinks help round out the medical articles, so you can keep your family healthy in a variety of ways.

Some articles in Reader’s Digest Large Print magazine focus on the home and your family, showing how you can make everyone feel healthy and happy. With short jokes, sections about heroes, and full pages dedicated to recipes for your next party or dinner, the magazine gives you something to look forward to with every issue.

With its variety of articles, which range from inspirational stories to practical how-to pieces, Reader’s Digest Large Print magazine has something for everyone.