Since 1942, Organic Gardening has been delivering well-researched, practical and timely information and useful products and services. As the essential resource for any gardener, it provides current and authoritative information, with a focus on making the process of gardening fun and easy.From experts wanting information on the latest developments and techniques to beginners who need to know how to start their own organic garden, Organic Gardening magazine fills your needs. Each bimonthly issue is packed with tips, how-to articles, recipes, and information on new plants and products that will keep your organic garden healthy and productive through every season of the year.

Organic Gardening magazine is published by Rodale, long known for their great health-oriented magazines like Men’s Health and Bicycling. This magazine lives up to their usually high standards. You’ll find columns covering soil, new plants, landscaping, and pest control. Feature articles cover all organic gardening topics, from choosing the best Heirloom tomatoes to caring for your garden through the coldest winters.

Organic Gardening magazine goes beyond just growing plants. Each issue also has recipes, helping you make the best use possible of your garden’s products. Organic foods are addressed in a holistic manner, from how to best grow them to how to best choose them from your garden or grocery store. You’ll find information on how to create beautiful and wholesome organic gardens in any space from large backyards to tiny city patios. Profiles of people and places round out this magazine into not just a source of information, but a truly entertaining publication you’ll keep on your coffee table.

When you need information on the best way to plant and tend your organic garden, Organic Gardening magazine has all. More than just a periodical, each issue of this magazine will be a go-to reference in your gardening bookshelf for years to come.