Opinionated presents the week’s political and social commentary from the right, middle and left of the political spectrum in one convenient place. Drawing on Tribune Content Agency’s list of dozens of contributors, Opinionated includes Pulitzer and Nobel prize-winning commentators opining on topics ranging from the US political process and world affairs to popular culture. The liberal side of the aisle includes Arianna Huffington, Carl Hiaasen and two-time Pulitzer winner Clarence Page. On the right we feature conservative stalwart Cal Thomas and Jonah Goldberg, among others. The independent slot includes the unique voice of Pulitzer winner Leonard Pitts Jr. On world affairs we call on Henry Kissinger, William Pfaff and Paul Kennedy, among many others. Never dull, always provocative, Opinionated provides an insightful and engaging round-up of the spectrum of political views.

Opinionated is published weekly and includes images. Issues are auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle.