The magazine that celebrates smart, sophisticated 40+ women?s interests in fashion, health, beauty, travel, and self-reinvention.More magazine is perfect for intelligent, sophisticated women over the age of forty who are interested in a variety of topics that pertain to their daily lives, such as beauty, fashion, health, and travel. Each issue is packed with articles about ways to deal with weight gain, menopause, aging parents, or difficulties in the business world.

Many women over forty find that magazines they read in their twenties and thirties dealing with relationships, fitness, and beauty secrets no longer address the problems they face today. More magazine goes beyond the topics addressed by other beauty and fashion magazines and provides tips tailored to that specific age range. You’ll also read stories about older women doing extraordinary things in their lives and realistic photos and articles featuring women who are facing common, everyday issues that most women in the same age group will be able to relate to.

More magazine celebrates all facets of a woman, including her smart, active, witty, natural, and nurturing side. The articles in the magazine focus on the journey women go through as they age and the adventures they experience as they mature. The magazine has a positive outlook on aging that resonates with women who face aging happily and gracefully and are not afraid to talk about the process.

More magazine makes the perfect gift for any woman who embraces her age fully and who wants to make the most out of her aging experience. It is a great resource for women trying to deal with all of the changes that accompany the process of getting older.