Maxim, the world’s leading men’s magazine, gives guys what they want — beautiful women, jokes, sports, entertainment, gadgets, rides and beautiful women. Did we mention beautiful women?

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Priding itself on its reputation as the ultimate guide for guys, Maxim magazine offers readers an irreverent take on the passions and pursuits of the millennial male. Written with a tongue-in-cheek vibe, the magazine manages to inject humor into the most serious of topics, even as it educates and informs. From glossy shots of bikini-clad beauties and candid interviews with the hottest starlets in Hollywood to in-depth analyses of controversial topics and biting features on true crime stories, each issue is full of testosterone-driven fun.

Maxim magazine is not your father’s men’s magazine. Its snarky tone and sarcastic wit offer a satirical take on every imaginable topic, such as pop culture, politics, love, and war. The question and answer column often provides hilarious advice with little real-world value, while humor columns give you jokes to share with your buddies at the water cooler or your next poker game. With a wink and a nudge, the unique style of this publication distinguishes it from others of its kind.

With a finger to the pulse of what’s important to the modern male, Maxim magazine dedicates lots of room to exploring the latest trends. Within its pages, you’ll find reviews of the newest video games, helping you separate the truth from the hype. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate its suggestions for everything from snowboards to climbing gear, while its unpretentious recommendations of the latest fashions provide easy ways to enhance your personal style.

With its cheeky tone and flippant treatment of serious subjects, a subscription to Maxim magazine gives you an alternative take on the world around you.