America’s longest-running humor magazine, continues its never-ending quest to poke fun at everything pop culture — from movies and music to parents and politics! Featuring the adventures of Spy vs. Spy, the MAD Fold-In, Planet Tad and more! Now a hit show on Cartoon Network!MAD Magazine focuses on social parodies to provide entertainment to readers. With political humor, outrageous spoofs on movies and television productions, and the adventures of Spy vs. Spy in every issue, you’ll have plenty of things to enjoy when you pick up a copy.

MAD magazine is now in color, so the bold and vibrant images keep your attention and look better than ever. The magazine is in its fiftieth year, making it an enduring favorite that many people recognize. For those who enjoy Spy vs. Spy, this is the main print for the comical series. The two spies battle in every issue, making you wonder what will happen next. Even after fifty years, these spies keep coming up with new ways to play pranks on one another.

MAD Magazine makes interesting spoofs about current movies and television, from the recent Twilight films to news parodies. With interesting sections of political humor, this magazine will keep you intrigued as you laugh at key political figures and their mishaps. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, the interesting magazine will give you information about the other party as it plays on the irony of politics to deliver news with humor.

With Al Jaffee’s legendary fold-in and page after page of world-class stupidity, MAD magazine is sure to keep you in stitches. Whether you enjoy reading about politics and social events from a different standpoint or simply enjoy comical characters battling against each other, MAD magazine is a great way to stay entertained.