Gluten Free & More is a lifestyle guide to achieving better health. It provides guidance, direction, products and encouragement for people living on a gluten-free or other restricted diet. Gluten Free & More can help you open the door to living abundantly with your special diet needs. It’s a primary and indispensable source of information on all things related to living happily, safely and deliciously with allergies and food sensitivities.If you suffer from food allergies or sensitivities, Living Without magazine helps you choose healthy solutions and substitutions for your favorite foods. As the only national publication dedicated to finding satisfying culinary alternatives for those with special dietary needs, the magazine shows readers that living without doesn’t mean going without. From the latest developments in dietary research to inspirational articles written by real people sharing their own lifestyle changes, each volume gives you the knowledge you need to live a full, gratifying life.

Each issue of Living Without magazine offers ingenious recipes modified for preparation without gluten, sugar, dairy, and more, with simple substitutions that retain the original’s taste and texture. If you’re newly diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities, you’ll find information from doctors designed to educate and empower your choices. If you’re unsure about shopping, this publication features recommendations for the best products, alternative ingredients, and helpful book reviews.

Living Without magazine offers you thoughtful articles and columns that cater to concerned parents, intelligent consumers, and those who wish to take control of their dietary intake. If you’re overwhelmed with the thought of learning a new style of cooking, it shows you basic techniques, tips, and tricks for creating exciting meals and baking successfully without dairy, eggs, or wheat. For those with children, Living Without magazine offers kid-friendly snack and meal ideas that are sure to please. You’ll also be advised on ensuring your child’s school can handle their needs without hindering their self-esteem.

If you’re one of millions of Americans with dietary restrictions, a subscription to Living Without magazine provides innovative recipes and lifestyle solutions, giving you more time to enjoy life without worrying about food.