KIPLINGER’S PERSONAL FINANCE MAGAZINE provides affluent readers with the information they need to make smart decisions about their money. Each issue includes intelligent reporting on investments, taxes, insurance, paying for college, planning for retirement, home ownership, major purchases such as cars and computers and other personal finance topics.Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, first published in 1947, was the first American magazine covering personal finance. Today, it’s among the most respected finance magazines, with millions of subscribers. Kiplinger’s covers every imaginable topic related to the way you spend money, from the best ways to get loans and mortgages to the many details surrounding retirement funding and taxation.

Regular features in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine include investing, taxes, insurance, and retirement. Real estate, college financial planning, medical and life insurance, and several other important financial life planning topics are included under the umbrella of family financing. Kiplinger’s also helps you avoid a number of financial problems by identifying scams, guiding you to the best ways to finance cars and other large non-real estate purchases, and bringing you the smartest ways to manage things like travel and technology.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine does not just focus on your personal money management. Travel, politics, and future economic outlooks are all topics commonly covered in this magazine. Most issues also talk about entrepreneurship and the finances of small businesses. By keeping you current on changes in tax laws and financial information pertinent to your business, Kiplinger’s can save you money, trouble, and time.

Not every article in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine is going to be important to you, but it only takes one good tip to save you far more than you’ll spend on a subscription to this respected publication. Kiplinger’s has helped generations of Americans prosper, and it can help you too.