The Fretboard Journal is a publication like no other: a coffee-table style magazine written specifically for players, collectors, and builders of guitars, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles. In each quarterly issue, The Fretboard Journal celebrates the innovators of the music world and the tools they use, acoustic and electric, weird and collectible. You’ll find famous musicians interviewing other famous musicians about the equipment they use; profiles of some of the world’s finest luthiers; and great essays covering the historical context of legendary recordings. With original photography, archival quality paper, and minimal advertising, each issue will be a keepsake you’ll cherish. Unlike most guitar magazines, The Fretboard Journal doesn’t review gear or feature instructional pieces; it simply covers the great stories behind musical instruments and musicians. Whether your interest is old-time music or indie rock (or somewhere in between), you’ll find something in each eclectic issue specifically for you.