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Flying is published 12 times annually.For all things aviation, Flying magazine is the choice for your next subscription. Featuring news, pilot technique tips, and product and service announcements, this magazine has been providing aviation information to pilots, aircraft owners, and aviation executives since 1927. Dubbed the world’s most widely read aviation magazine, Flying Magazine was originally named Popular Aviation and is printed monthly by Bonnier Corporation.

Each issue features columns on aviation industry news and information, flight safety tips and techniques, and other piloting information. Evaluation reports on mechanical and technical aspects of flying are also a regular feature of this publication. The editorial focus is on general aviation pilots and aircraft owners, but also focuses on piloting business airplanes.

Flying magazine features special articles on aircraft, breaking news on business deals in the aviation industry, and advancements in technology such as biofuel and reducing airplane noise. Current events related to aviation are featured in each issue. Pilot advocacy is available in the pages as well, with articles appealing to the need for more pilots as well as information on the best practices that all pilots should engage in.

If you are a pilot, an aircraft owner, a budding pilot-in-training, or an aviation enthusiast, this magazine is right for you. Learn more about the general aviation industry, as well expanding your knowledge on military and commercial aircraft industries with your own subscription to Flying magazine. This specialty magazine will arrive each month full of news, reviews, and stunning photography for you to enjoy.