Day One is a weekly literary journal dedicated to short fiction from debut writers, English translations of stories from around the world, and poetry. Each issue showcases one writer and poet and includes an introduction from the editor, an interview with the authors, and occasional bonus content. Day One features cover art commissioned from emerging artists and illustrators, and readers will learn more about the artist and the genesis of the cover each week.

“An amazing lineup of prose writers and poets.” —Maria Popova, founder and editor of

“Our world is filled with noise: the electronic whistle of a new text message arriving on our phone, the clack and clatter of television news anchors, the insistent mewing of a cute kitten in the latest video to hit your social media stream. Day One cuts through that distracting static to say in a very clear, loud voice: ‘Here is one story and one poem worthy of your attention for 30 minutes.’ You are well advised to pause the cat video, find an oasis of quiet, and settle in with these new and emerging voices in fiction and poetry. What they have to say brings clarity to our cluttered lives.” —David Abrams, author of Fobbit

Day One is for those who wish to read beyond ‘the news of the day’ to something that’s news everyday—that is, some of the best fiction and poetry by writers just setting out on the literary road. Each week, Day One presents a single piece of fiction and a poem, prefaced by a thoughtful and engaging introduction by the editor and followed by an informative commentary by the authors. A great way to spend your day—with the news of good writing.” —Daniel Halpern, author of nine books of poetry, and publisher and president of Ecco