Cruising World magazines mission is to nurture the dreams of sailors in each issue. We aim to inspire and entertain through stories and pictures that underscore the beauty, fun and adventure of sailing. Whether you have a long-range sailing plan centered around coastal cruising, a Caribbean sabbatical or an open-ended voyage around the world, Cruising World offers practical how-to information and stirring real-life adventure features. Subscribe today and discover in each issue:

  • Boat reviews
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Cruising World is published 12 times annually.Cruising World magazine provides readers with a wealth of information relating to boating. Designed with the boating enthusiast in mind, each issue features a mixture of stories from readers and tips on boating and cruising. With personal stories that help readers reflect on their own experiences and how-to guides on hitting the waters, every issue contains the perfect mixture of articles and stories.

Readers who enjoy Cruising World magazine can submit their own stories and experiences, and the magazine spends up to half of its pages showcasing them. The stories range from the hopeful to the amazing, detailing boaters who went through traumatic adventures on the high seas and those who built their own boats with no professional help. Many of the stories are uplifting and will leave you eager to set off on your own adventure.

Readers will also find every issue packed with practical information that can help when sailing their own boats. Whether you stay close to the coast, delve out onto the ocean, or stick to the freshwater of your local lake, you can rest assured that Cruising World magazine will provide tips that you can use. Several of the articles in each issue focus on the maintenance of different boats. You can learn what to do to keep water from rusting metal surfaces, how to protect your boat during the off-season, and what to do before you take a new boat onto the water.

Subscribing to Cruising World magazine provides tips on maintaining your boat, staying safe while on the water, and introduces you to other boaters just like you.