With its staff of editorial experts, AntiqueWeek presents timely and accurate news coverage of the antiques and auction industry. Capsule summaries from around the country appear in every issue of their respective regional editions in the AntiqueWeek Auction Roundup. AntiqueWeek has been published every Monday, 51 weeks per year, since 1968. The eastern edition focuses on the mid-atlantic states and the auctions, shops and malls that take place there. If you’re looking for event calendars to plan your next antiquing session, look no further.

Important issues in the auction industry are discussed in Auction Time, a weekly column by auctioneer and attorney, Steve Proffitt. Additional commentary is provided regularly by veteran AntiqueWeek editor, Connie Swaim and AntiqueWeek staff.

AntiqueWeek readers consist of industry experts, such as appraisers and auctioneers, to the common collector and home decorator. Recent readership surveys show 81 percent of AntiqueWeek readers rely on only one antiques newspaper – AntiqueWeek.