Jp Magazine is the largest publication completely dedicated to Jeep owners and enthusiasts, with extensive coverage on the entire world of the classic automobile. The magazine is the premier source for any Jeep owner looking for hands-on, do-it-yourself tips, instructions, and suggestions to optimally modify, restore, or maintain every model of Jeep ever manufactured. Jp Magazine provides readers with top-of-the-line expertise on the latest Jeep upgrades, performance modifications, and product comparisons through authoritative and technically written articles. Every issue tells the tales of Jeep’s historical contributions to the automotive world, from military models to wild backcountry adventures. The abundance of photographs included in the publication feature your favorite main-stream Jeeps, as well as colorful collectible models that won’t be found pictured anywhere else. Jp Magazine is the largest publication solely dedicated to Jeeps, and is guaranteed to feed your passion, answer your questions, and better your Jeep-owning experience!

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