Group Magazine is dedicated to “simplifying ministry� and “saving you time� in each advocating copy. The publication provides the youth of today’s ministry with educational and helpful advice, ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to better serve their peers as a successful youth minister. Group Magazine includes an abundance of information on guiding meetings and community building projects in an easy-to-manage way and applicable fashion. Every issue covers an extremely wide variety of topics under the umbrella of youth ministry, such as counseling, church culture, missions and service, discipleship, junior highers, evangelism, media and technology, and even more! The content of Group Magazine also appropriately focuses on parents and teens, their relationships, and editorial representation from both voices. There are also fun and interesting feature stories included in the publication, such as exclusive and revealing surveys from youth ministers just like you. Readers are guaranteed to walk away from reading Group Magazine with fresh information and valuable insight, through Q&A’s, personal coaching, and contributions from respected ministry insiders.

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